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    My 24-year-old friend fell off his skateboard while hurtling down a hill, he broke his entire front set of teeth as his face hit the road. We thought he would be wearing dentures for the rest of his life. He was taken to a nearby hospital in Brampton where the doctor recommended a dental implant surgery for which he had 2 screws drilled through his gum into the jawbone and some months later he had 3 replacement porcelain teeth attached to them. It was good for sometime but after that, he started having bad gum infection around the implants. Now, he was under the impression that implants need not be taken care of since they were porcelain. Doc advised him to start having dental hygiene. Dental Implants are just like normal teeth. How do some home remedies for the same?
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    Your friend should visit the dentist twice a year for cleaning plaque build up around the gums. (Actually, everyone should do this.)

    At home, your friend should brush his teeth after every meal, rinse strenuously with water, and floss. A warm salt water rinse may help soothe the gums. He could also try rinsing once a day with hydrogen peroxide diluted with water.

    He should check with his dentist about the best procedure to follow to maintain healthy gums.

    Oral health is extremely important to systemic health, particularly the heart. So, please encourage your friend to be diligent about taking care of his gums.

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