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Thread: Becoming a burden: reframe

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    Default Becoming a burden: reframe

    I told my spouse that I am afraid I have become a burden to him. He said, we are both dealing with the burden of SPS together.

    I like that reframe . You may borrow it!

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    Love this too. I believe no disabled person is a burden. Disabled people should not have to feel like Burdens. I know many do feel like burdens and it breaks my heart.
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    From a caregiver's point of view:

    I've been a caregiver all of my adult life to my sons, and now to Jim. I have never ever viewed their needs and challenges as a burden for one explicit reason: I LOVE THEM.

    We vowed to love each other through "richer or poorer," "sickness and health," "for better or worse," until death parts us. Those are vows of unconditional love.

    Sometimes, Jim feels like he's a burden for me. And I respond, "If I had cancer, and you didn't, what would you be doing?"

    Love is never a burden.

    We may be tired, even exhausted. Inside we are hurting for the one we love so much, and we feel helpless. We can't make the condition disappear. All we can do is make our loved one more comfortable, happier, less stressed, and feel completely loved.

    And, sometimes, we can build a new home, perfectly suited to our loved one's needs, which makes life easier for us and our loved one.

    I couldn't build a new home, but I converted our home into one, which is accessible for Jim and Jon.

    What a blessing to have love with your husband that exceeds the boundaries of any physical limitations. That is true, deep love.

    Love & Light,

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