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Thread: New Member with fibromyalgia

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    Default New Member with fibromyalgia

    I just joined and am happy to have found this site. I have been disabled for almost three years after a fall caused my existing fibromyalgia to become disabling. I have recently started thinking I may have something neurological happening and so I am happy to have found this site. With all I have seen here already I am sure to find some help, and maybe some friends too. :o Marj1

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    Marj welcome. I see I am late as usual since you have posted 3 times already lol. I too have severe Fibro as do many others, many as a co existing condition. I am glad to see you are mingling and hope you stay with us.

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    Christina, Thank you for welcoming me....I just found this post!! It will take me some time to figure out how this site works. I am finding a lot here that is helpful to me. It is a good site for both information and friendship. Thanks again, Marj

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