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Thread: fostering

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    a lot of glad someone is helping the animals.

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    Well I still have both the rehabbing ferals. Georgie, he has been dubbed, is a cute little stinker and Jared is in love. He is no longer terribly feral like and he eats with the crowd, often will let me pet him and let me pick him up but he does not like that. He is young, he will get over it. Especially if he goes to a home with children, no littles mind you ages 7 and up. Louise is wonderful and it will break my heart to let her go. I pray she gets a home.

    Miss Louise, short stocky like a little fullback. She kisses and nibbles and paws and scratches for attention. Does

    not like to be picked up and needs more socialization.

    Little Georgie rescued from my feral colony, is a bit skittish but is a lover.

    Sweet Sadie rescued from a restaurant parking lot she had been hanging around in. Underweight, anemic from the fleas and born with no teeth. She is pretty sick right now but is on antibiotices and flea meds. She only weighs a tad over 3 pounds.

    These next three are actually ours and then the two dogs.

    Belladonna who was our first. Rescued off of craigslist from a lady who was trying to give away 6 wk old kittens.

    Chunk my first foster fail and our big boy.

    This is our Odin. His eye is healing more and more and he can now see out of it. He is spoiled.

    Skyler our forever foster, he's my little Eeyore.

    My sweet Dash, my precious. He is very protective of his mama. We adore each other lol.

    So it is like a small animal haven around here. Most of the living spaces are catified except the kitchen then that is cat proofed lol.
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