This Stiff Person Syndrome disease makes me look crazy

There I am in waiting rooms with headphones on to dampen noises to lower muscle stiffening. I look crazy and not social. After all , I look terrific.

There I am in conversation looking distracted. Actually, having a pleasant or unpleasant conversation causes muscle stiffening, so I put myself in a light trance, looking attentive on the outside, but feeling disengaged internally. This causes me to miss some information in the conversation, making me look crazy, or demented. After all, I look terrific.

There I am in a store trying to process price information, my muscles now painfully stiffening. So, I look crazy as I wince and try to cut to the chase. After all I look terrific

There I am in public and someone suddenly makes a noise, or an electronic noise like a cell phone. I jump. It makes me look crazy. After all I look terrific.

I am not crazy. I am dealing with a bizarre disease. I look terrific so far.

Terrific is not far from terrified , auto correct tells me.....