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Thread: I have severe insomnia following crainotomy.

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    Question I have severe insomnia following crainotomy.

    I had large tumor removed about 3 weeks ago. Now that I am off the pain medication, I have not slept a wink all night for 4 nights in a row. (I do not doze off then wake up. I can't fall asleep at all. I am not able to nap either.
    I am totally exhausted.
    I did not suffer from insomnia prior to the surgery. The surgeon says that my insomnia is not related to the surgery or medications because they are "out of my system " by now.
    I know he is wrong and it is a direct result of the surgery.
    Has anyone experienced insomnia after brain surgery?
    I am not going back to work yet but I can not go back to work if I am not sleeping at all. I am a teacher and it takes a lot of energy!
    Has anyone else had this experience? Much thanks

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    welcome hungry and I am sorry to hear of your problems. 3 weeks is not very long ago and if you have been on pain meds then 4 nights may just not have been long enough either. Does your mind race while you are laying there? You may just need more recovery time. Have you tried any OTC sleeping meds. Can you take those?

    I did do a search and yours seems to be a relatively common occurrence. Maybe somebody who knows better will pop in. Talk to your doctor about taking something natural. I don't know how you feel about Medical Marijuana but it can do wonders for sleep and has been known to shrink tumors. My caregivers have a patient that has a couple of small inoperable tumors that are shrinking with his use of his oil. My son's psych recommended melatonin which I have used also.

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