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Thread: Do any neurologists or neurosurgeons ever come on here and answer questions?

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    Default Do any neurologists or neurosurgeons ever come on here and answer questions?

    I have a question for a neurologist or neurosurgeon: if memories are likely stored in circuits, and hypothetically, you tried to transplant these circuits from the brain of an 80 year-old man to the donor brain of a 20 year-old person, are almost all of the circuits inside the brain, or are there enough on the outside that you could transplant those instead? (I realize we could be talking about trillions of circuits.)

    So, in addition to that challenge, would all circuits have to have been previously removed from the 20 year-old brain, to make room for the new circuits?

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    Welcome to BrainTalk, andnowthis,

    We welcome all medical professionals here. They must register as a member and also submit their credentials to the Administrators of this forum. Currently, I don't believe there are any neurologists or neurosurgeons registered. There is a pharmacist here, "Pharmacist.steve", who has been a great help to many members, especially in the Chronic Pain Forum.

    I hope you find support from the many members of this forum willing to share their experiences.

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