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Thread: Where is everyone?

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    Default Where is everyone?

    this was once a large thriving forum when I went absent but everyone is gone. I was never a regular poster but I am posting now.

    My pain let's see fibro is at about a humming 5 which is good considering this funky weather. my feet, if I would keep them flat on the floor I would have less problems I think. I am short legged so have a tendency to put my stocking feet up on things even sometimes each other until it gets too painful and I have to move them. They range between a 6 and an 8 almost all the time with screaming 9s thrown in. My lower lumbar has been actually doing pretty good it's about a 5 if I think of it. Now my fractured leg is at a screaming 6 but fluctuates with sharp 10s if I don't move it right. My mouth hurts due to receding bone and gum line that's about a screaming 7. My knees aren't too bad because I just got up so right now if I focus on them I get nothing sitting here. That's good.

    Now I know that there are worse here and winter is a sucky time for those with chronic pain problems especially with the funky fluctuations. I hope you are all doing as well as possible and that you
    had a great holiday. Ha January is still here so I can talk about the holiday

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