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Thread: Ibogaine and Migraine

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    Default Ibogaine and Migraine

    I suffered from depression most of my life and had been on medication for 10 years. I also suffered from severe monthly migraines for over 20 years that often resulted in hospital visits. I consulted with my doctor to wean me off of my medications before taking ibogaine. My doctor was skeptical, but also willing to guide me through the process. Then came one of the most amazing experiences of my life. On the first day my headaches were severe but I was helped to work through the deep-rooted issues causing them during the week. I was also taken to a place where I dealt with a lifetime of depression in a very short amount of time. Today, almost 1Ĺ years later, I am off all medications and have had only had 2 headaches. This is an amazing medicine and experience that I highly recommend if you are willing to let go and do the work.


    During the period you treat yourself with iboga, it is advised not to use any drugs and to keep stimulants such as coffee to a minimum, as well as smoking tobacco or certain herbs. Your receptors will become very sensitive and you may have an unexpectedly strong reaction to them. Also, it is strongly discouraged to combine the healing of iboga with ayahuasca or other visionary or hallucinogenic substances. Lastly, iboga should never be combined with anti-depressant medication such as SSRI's.


    Ibogaine does have dangerous interactions with opioids - when used irresponsibly. At LOW doses (10 - 20mg) the opiate reset effect is fairly minimal - it seemed not so much to reset tolerance as to halt its development, which allowed me to use the chemicals I needed to in a stretch without incurring a massive habit -- something that may be INCREDIBLY useful to people in chronic pain management situations.
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