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Thread: Aneyresm has not been obliterated

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    Default Aneyresm has not been obliterated

    Hi everybody.I had clipping done in January 2017 and it was not fully occluded. Also have enlargement in sabsrachnoid space. Feel devastated as feeling dizzy and still pain inmy incision. I would like tk ask if anybody has remnant after aneyresm clipping. Thank you verh much.

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    Kevin Sorbo had an aneurysm and wrote the book "True Strength" about it. If you read it you may find it helpful. Some of his symptoms were similar.
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    My friend has been diagnose with multiple aneurysm. She used to travel a lot but her doctor advised her not to travel anymore with more than 4 hours of travel time. Anyway, I just wanted to share that she looks perfect even she has aneurysm. She keeps a healthy diet, stays away with whatever could stress her out, says a prayer daily and always positive. I also hope that you'll get better each day :)

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    Maya72 and cDoll,

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