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    My son was an active student in his school and has also participated in many olympic training camps. Our son all of a sudden has severe hearing loss in his right ear which I think is in a condition that needs a cochlear implant. He has several issues along with it and Tourette being the mildest. It is the single sided deafness that is interfering the most in his studies. We took him to an immunologist and did the test. He said that on a scale of 1-10 for allergies, our son is a 12. He said that the allergies have caused malfunctioning in his immune system and that has directly affected his hearing.

    We then took him to an audiology specialist in Toronto who determined that my son’s sinus is malformed and it is the main cause of sudden hearing loss. The doctor also added that much of his listening disorder is related to the Tourette syndrome. He is 90 per cent sure that my sons hearing loss is directly related to his infections.

    We are considering to get him tested for auditory processing disorder before the condition gets worse. Any insight you can offer me in this matter? Thanks in advance.
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    All I know is sensory processing disorders and hearing and vision issues are common in people with neurologic conditions.
    Mild Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy and bad proprioception.
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