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Thread: StarClose: Nickel Sensitivity?

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    Hello. I'm a first time week lurker :)
    I have just been diagnosed with a 1.8cm Cavernous Carotid Aneurysm. My Cerebral Angiogram was 3 days ago. My neurosurgeon wants to do a stent (no coils) which I've come to terms with. My question is, the doctor used a StarClose closure, which I'm just finding out is made of Nickel and Titanium, and I have a sensitivity/allergy to Nickel. Has anyone who is sensitive or allergic to Nickel had this and had any issues or reactions withe StarClose? Of course the doctor says it's not an issue at all. I have a lot of autoimmune issues and a lot of food sensitivities as well.
    I haven't looked into the PED Stent yet...I know it's a different metal but has anyone had any issues or allergic reactions to the stent?
    Thanks so much. There is so much wonderful advice on this site!


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