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Thread: Weird technical issue! Moderator take note!

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    Default Weird technical issue! Moderator take note!

    I admit upfront I'm really not skilled on the computer...but...

    I offered to send the whole story of Catterville to some of you, if you sent me your private email. As best as I can tell, three of you did: agate, stillstANNding, and Virginia.

    But here's the problem! I found two of your messages on my Kindle fire in my braintalk mailbox...but not on my computer! And one on my computer, but not in my Kindle! Same site, same mailbox.....what gives????

    Anyway..I've got those three. If any others of you want it, let me know. And -- I should have said this earlier -- if you want the story in bigger type face, let me know that, too,. Easy enough! does go on for pages and pages.. :)
    ...I am not a doctor nor medical professional, and don't pretend to be one, here... :o

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    I'm not a moderator and don't know what the problem could be. Some of these devices have to be synced with other devices, and that gets done somewhere in the Settings for one device or the other or maybe for all of them.

    This is of no help at all, I'm sure.

    Those of us who need larger type can always enlarge it by pressing CTRL and + at the same time, or at least that's what my computer lets me do. Google Chrome also has a Zoom setting in its dropdown menu where you can enlarge or reduce what's showing up on the page.

    I'm pretty sure other browsers have the same feature though it may be called something else.

    I'm looking forward to the revised version of the Catterville saga, which reached me this morning.
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    Hello Cat Dancer!

    I've notified Mike of your problems and when he checks in I'm sure we'll have an answer.


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