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Thread: Wheelchair user forced to crawl up airline stairs (bbc)

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    Default Wheelchair user forced to crawl up airline stairs (bbc)

    This is outrageous. It's hard to believe that human beings treat others like this:

    There comes a time when silence is betrayal.- MLK

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    It certainly is outrageous, but it is not surprising. Right now, our government is trying to pass a bill, which would render 22 million Americans without health care coverage, and which would decimate the Medicaid program jeopardizing the lives of millions of Americans, particularly those with disabilities. Oh, and also, there is the travel ban for Muslims.

    Discrimination is everywhere. A tragic commentary on humankind.

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    This is a disgrace, but at least that man's dramatic way of getting on the plane called attention to the situation.

    We owe so much to the disability rights movement in general--all of the people who took the time and energy to highlight situations where disabled people haven't been treated fairly.
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    WOW! This needs to stop.
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