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    [just found out through a blood test that I have MG. Braintalk forums helped me so much when my husband was dying from ALS. Who knew, but the dear Lord, that I would need help again. I do not know where to start, so will post this and keep checking for replies. I have forgotten really how to properly use this forum, so bear with me.

    Actually, I was not fearful of having MG because my brother has been battling this for several years; I did not think it was genetic. So far, the medicine has affected me adversely, my muscles just go weak all over. I return to the neurologiist next month. Have had. MRI, Cat Scan, and swallowing tests. My right eye has moved upward, and I cannot see properly. That is what prompted my eye doctor to have the blood test.

    I just know that I am scared and totally in the dark. Help.

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