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    Default Was Rockhound-have question about NV & AZ

    We live in Alaska. Both my husband and I suffer chronic pain and need to move to the Lower 48. The winters here are literally killing us and it gets worse every year! We want to move to Nevada near Reno or Arizona near either Phoenix or Tucson. People who live in these areas, could you kindly let us know how pain management is there?

    I was very active in both the Chronic Pain and Spine forums from 2000 - 2004. I had a very successful 3-level artificial disc replacement in my lumbar in 2004 that has since developed unexpected problems. It was too long between injury and surgery and all the scar tissue the surgeon cleaned out has come back with a vengeance and is invading the epidural space at L4-5 and wrapping around nerves and my spinal cord causing constant intolerable pain down my leg. On top of that an incorrect test result had the surgeon fail to replace L2-3 as well and now it is collapsing and causing severe scoliosis. Also, I had a 2-level cervical ADR in 2011 which so far has been terrific but didn't relieve all of my pain. My husband also had both lumbar and cervical disc replacements due to car accidents that were both extremely successful then got broadsided on his motorcycle and basically took out his entire left side and broke his pelvis in 4 places. He is now wheelchair bound and has developed diabetes with neuropathy. His disc replacements came through the accident incredibly well, but the one level they fused in his neck didn't do quite as well. Needless to say, he requires considerable pain management. We have terrific doctors here and Alaska hasn't gone nuts in this new anti-narcotics craziness but moving really scares us!! Anyone who can provide information about a good place to go that doesn't get a lot of snow and real cold winter weather please help us! And anyone who knew me before, I would love to hear from you!!!

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    Rockhound - having moved from Florida in 2008 to Arizona City, a VERY small town, I can tell you this - having been to phoenix, My S/O lived there, and Tucson, it is Tucson hands down. Phoenix seemed a lot grittier then Tucson and I had a choice I would pick Tucson. I am sure there are a lot of good things about Phoenix, I just felt way more comfortable in Tucson. if you are a vet, Tuscon has an excellent Medical Campus and you are treated well while I have heard horror stories about phoenix. The nature of the beast - the VA - well the less said the better. and yes I do remember you and am glad to see you back. Good luck.

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    Gracie05 When I went to thr hospital recenty Severed Artery, tendon and nerve, they believed me as a vet and kept up my usal sced, I got 1 mg, of Diludid iv, which did nothing to help my hand. if money allows, come here for a visit FIRST before committing, even the VA is rigid so" DUR YOUR DUR DILAGENE oPM/srry about thr typo/d but be warned,Arizona is a very conservative state -look HARD brfore you jump in Forids rsp. I Have dealt with below xero temps and also livded in da. Cold is a monster but the kind of pain we livr in, ican bundle up = in the heat w/ No or littltle pm id stay cold

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