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    Hello everyone, I'm new here and looking for information. Two weeks ago I rushed my dad to the hospital and found out he was having a stroke. Two days later the neurosurgeon preformed a ventriculostomy. Directly after the surgery he was fine and even eating on his own. The tube was removed two days ago, two days before that and these two following the removal he has not been able to keep any food down. His blood pressure is mainly under control but he does have a few high spikes during the day. The neurosurgeon was happy with the follow up ct scan and just asked for another two weeks after he is discharged. I've been told the nausea, vomiting, and headaches are normal after the surgery. He is also sleeping through the night and most of the day. My questions for anyone who may have gone through this or know someone who has is how long is this normal for? His headaches are very, very strong sometimes is this really normal and is there a time frame for when these side effects may go away? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi juaneau,
    I'm sorry that nobody seems to be around just now to give you the information you asked for.

    I found this about ventriculostomies but it's probably not very useful:

    Two weeks of post-surgical vomiting doesn't sound right to me. Have you asked the doctor how long this is expected to continue? I think your questions are legitimate ones to present to the doctor in charge.
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