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Thread: Pediatric neurology help - brachycephaly

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    Unhappy Pediatric neurology help - brachycephaly

    My son is 2.5 months old and had to have a CT scan for his abnormal head shape. He has a very wide head and it is flat on the back. He came out this way and was not due to laying down or sleeping a certain way. The results from the CT scan are:

    " A severely dysmorphic calvarial contour is seen with marked brachycephaly. The calvarial sutures are clearly patent and this pattern is most consistent with positional brachycephaly. Mild prominence of the extracerebral fluid spaces is at the upper limits of normal for the child's age and is considtent with a mild form of bengin expanded subarachnoid spaces of infancy (BESSI).. There is no evidence of mass-effect or midline shift. No abnormal areas of attenuation are seen. There is no evidence of intracranial hemmorrhage. Visualized portions of the paranasal sinused and mastoid air cells are unmarkable.
    Impression: Brachiocephalic contour of the calvarium with patent calvarial sutures consistent with bengin expanded subarachnoid spaces of infancy. "

    I am trying to figure out exactly what this means. The nurse was not very helpful in giving me results and I am awaiting to get another appointment to see what we do next. I think we will have to do a reshaping helmet for my son. But for now I do not have an appointment and am awaiting someone to call me back about the appointment, I guess they are really backed up but I am seriously worried about him and losing sleep at night.

    Any help ?


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    Hi, I'm no doctor but from memory from friends who have brain issues, "There is no evidence of intracranial hemmorrhage. Visualized portions of the paranasal sinused and mastoid air cells are unmarkable. " means he did not have a brain bleed and does not appear to have damage to the brain issue. Good luck.
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    When I first read your story I really feel bad and really sad about it, but I read the comment below of a doctor I feel relieved. I am a mother too so I can empathized , I hope your baby will fine and healthy. Keep praying!

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    Hi matthewryan16,

    This might be of interest:
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