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Thread: It's been a loooong time...

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    Default It's been a loooong time...

    Hey to anyone that may remember me...I've missed being here posting, chatting, answering questions, chatting, playing games, chatting, lurking, seeing who was going to come in the room next, staying up late cuz we knew everyone's schedules around the world...the family that this website and the instant chat made us into by just being available at the right time in our lives is just invaluable...
    It breaks my heart to say that many of us have passed on...people that I will always consider family...
    It wasn't just information we craved but companionship, friendship, validation, laughter, just stepping outside of your life for an hour or six and discussing anything but your health with ppl who understand and want the same thing...
    I just want to say that I'm always thinking of you all, hoping things are well with you
    Well I hope there are some ppl that knew me still on here...😸

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    Welcome back, litterkicker!

    I'm sorry I don't remember you but it looks as if you posted once on the MS board.

    I tried the chat room a couple of times many years ago but I didn't stay around there long. Others were already having a conversation, and I felt as if I was intruding.

    If you decide to return to the MS board, you'll find people there who will talk to you even though it's not a chat room. We don't bite either.
    MS, diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2001-2004. Copaxone 2006-2009.

    "Always put off until tomorrow whatever you think you should do today." --Anonymous

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    :) Hi Litterkicker and welcome. I only go to the MS board for the last 17 years. A great group of people. We have a monthly chit chat thread which many of us post on daily. I came over here to say welcome because
    Agate posted that you had checked in here. Don't be a stranger. Jeanie :)

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    Welcome Litterkicker. I hope you will come back and join us. We are still the same welcoming group - just smaller. But that's not all bad, because we are closer.

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