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Thread: Ocrevus results

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    Ocrelizumab. It's another monoclonal antibody. I wish they would look in another direction.

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    Thank you for posting this. Ocrevus seems to be effective in PPMS, which is a first, I believe. There are two articles about ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) in the December 22 New England Journal of Medicine, and those articles are the basis for the article in the link BBS posted. There's also an editorial in the same issue of NEJM by Dr. Peter Calabresi that makes it sound as if they're rejoicing that no PML cases have turned up, but this new drug seems to raise a person's cancer risk:
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    Yes, I agree that it would be nice to look in another direction than these deadly monoclonal antibodies. I got my hopes pinned on Dr. Sadiq at NYU and his eaeaarch on stem cell replacement. No side effects, no big bucks for pharmas, very effective so far. In phase two right now,

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    We've talked about this drug for a year or even more. My neuro had mentioned it to me as a direction we could go in if rituxan stops working for me. I like having a sense of a backup med as, sooner or later, all the drugs that have helped me have stopped working.

    I had the impression that this drug is essentially the same as rituxan but repackaged to continue making money off it. I may have that wrong. Or not.

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