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Thread: partial seizure questions?

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    Default partial seizure questions?

    So today I met somebody really cool who has epilepsy. She told me what her seizures felt like which involve drooling and tingling. I realized she was describing a partial seizure and she was impressed I knew what a seizure was and what type. I may end up working with her so I just wanted to know some stuff about partial seizures. What do they look like??? I witnessed someone with brain damage have a dizzy spell where the eyes rolled rapidly as part of another brain condition and if seizures look anything like that I want to prepare myself so I don't scream if she has one in front of me. Is there anything I can do to help her during a partial seizure?? I read basic stuff online already and will ask her too but I was just curious as to what your advice might be? Is there anything you wish other people would do when your not able to communicate during a seizure??? What do you do for post seizure fatigue?
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