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    Hello, I am epicenegreen. I was diagnosed with MS in 1997 after having symptoms since 1996. I took Avonex for less than a year and could not overcome the flu-like symptoms. After another bad vertigo relapse I started Copaxone, which I took until 2015, after a bad relapse in 2014. After steroids for the relapse, I was given Tecfidera, which I took for a year. Due to lymphopenia, I stopped the Tecfidera in May, 2016. I am now looking for a new treatment. My neuro want me to take Rituxan, but was waiting for my lymphocytes to come back up. However, they haven't come back up after two months, so she wants me to start taking the Rituxan anyway, since she thinks it is more dangerous to not be taking anything. So, I am trying to figure out what is next.
    My dad helped me find this community, and I am hoping to find some support. My doctor is leaving the decision to me, since I am being reluctant. It is almost worse to have to decide myself, since I know so little about all of these treatments and how they will affect me. I thought maybe talking with others would give me some guidance.

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