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Thread: Ran away from forum and took my troll toys -- but where is MARK?

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    Default Ran away from forum and took my troll toys -- but where is MARK?

    Oh, I ran away several months ago. It is tough running for trolls, we have these strange feet.

    So, I have not really changed my opinion about recent forum changes and have no plans to become a regular poster (although it would probably be good for me, not so much for you) but my feeble troll brain was thinking about Mark N., a steadfast poster who stayed the course despite no answers and no help, so, in some sort of troll empathy moment I thought I might reach out, although I am afraid of what I might hear.

    So, any word on Mark N.? Have to give him a salute, regardless.

    And, yes, I do know the odds of this being answered are slim and none, but we trolls are nothing but stubborn.

    And, yes, the second paragraph contains one of the longest run-on sentences I have ever written...shows I was thinking about Mark.
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