I was a member in this community way back in 2006, I joined after being beaten in the head 6 times with a 2lbs. hammer, after receiving a host of psychological diagnoses (borderline personality disorder, hypo-mania, major depression, post- traumatic stress disorder, & traumatic brain injury), I really don't know which forum to post in. But worse than that, the reason that I have not posted here in so long is, because I have been in prison for 10 years, now I take full responsibility for killing my attacker, (my cousin) 2 1/2yrs. after the initial hammer attack, but what concerns me is that I indiscriminately emptied my 30 clip at 15 other family members in the process, but what is also confounding to me is the fact that I told dozens of doctors, psychologist, & psychiatrist how I was feeling and what I was going to do, they gave me plenty different psychotropic meds. but that really doesn't stop my brain & body from reacting and doing what I'm going to do, I applied for disability back then & the case was closed by the ALJ after 3 years while I was incarcerated and on Seroquel, Geodon, Navan, Zoloft, and other drugs. So after 10yrs. in prison and on the psychiatric caseload the majority of that time, I returned home in Dec. 2015 raring to go. I began working in a Tax Office in January 2016 (45-50 hrs. per week), but I had to quit in March because the Office Manager kept making snide remarks, until one day when she saw me emotionally upset over my mama's medical condition she actually said," makes you mad enough to shoot somebody",. Now I realize that this is not your average ordinary story, too go from being a CPA, too a hammer beating survivor, too a felony murderer/rampage shooter, but Social Security Disability says I, " adjust to ordinary emotional stresses without significant difficulties", and continues to deny me after 20+ years of employment. I really don't know where I'm going with this now, but the next time you sit down and watch the news and are aghast & appalled by the level of violence & savagery, understand how the fabric of the false safety nets and professionals contributes, because believe me this stuff happens in an instant & it is not a respecter of person, and if has already happened to you, you know it's a World Of ****!

P.S. Don't Mean To Offend Anyone, It's Just My Life! CFORD