For 15 years, my wife has been on a strict regimen of branded Lamictal (3 x 200 mg = 600 mg per day).

A switch to generic five years ago was devastating, e.g.; repetitive tonic clonic seizures until Ativan was employed and the branded Lamictal restored.

However, as we needed to switch our pharmacy plan provider, the change would have imposed a $5,000 to $14,000 cost for the branded Lamictal depending on obtaining an exemption.

A discount or rebate as provided by the manufacturer GSK to those who qualify was not an option given our family income.

It was my wife’s decision to try (think risk) the generic [Lamotrigine]. With her epileptologist’s concurrence, the trial was begun 3-30-16.

The switch was made and my wife did experience a few days of recurring mild short duration headaches about a week after the initial use of the generic. And more recently, during the week of May 9th my wife had two occasions of mild and brief nose bleed. We cannot attribute the latter to any specific event.

The 30+ day blood test validated the therapeutic levels.