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    Neuro was testing for MS, to confirm or to rule out. I have been have lower extremity muscle spasms, cramps, and feels like electrical discharges. MRI brain normal only one lesion. The following is from the Spine, but I have tried to research what it means on line and can not find to much about the Thoracic. If any response to shed light would be appreciated. I am very curious what it means that the Thecal sac is flattened, and the reactive change from T8 to T9.


    1. A Thoracic Kyphosis is seen with no occult fracture or marrow replacement.

    2. The Thoracic cord is normal revealing no demyelinating plaque or intra spinal mass.

    3. At T7-T8 a 3.0 MM Disc Bulge Flattens the Thecal Sac.

    4. AT T8-T9 Endplate Reactive Change with an Annular Disc Bulge is seen.

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    lisaanne, sorry you are having problems from this as I can say it could very be because of your T8-9 bulge. I had surgery at that level after losing all feeling on my left side. If I hadn't been working with my NS before this happened it would have been hard to get this treated. Even with the NS doing my previous Lumbar work and me complaining about my thoracic pain at that time he still checked out bone density. The big problem with getting doctors to consider thoracic spinal problems is they usually only happen for two reason - accidents or cancer. My situation didn't include either reason. I am not saying you need surgery at this time but letting you know that T8-9 could be the cause.
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