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Thread: First time, if anyone could help with MRI, thank you I appreciate your help

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    Default First time, if anyone could help with MRI, thank you I appreciate your help

    Neuro was testing for MS, to confirm or to rule out. I have been have lower extremity muscle spasms, cramps, and feels like electrical discharges. MRI brain normal only one lesion. The following is from the Spine, but I have tried to research what it means on line and can not find to much about the Thoracic. If any response to shed light would be appreciated. I am very curious what it means that the Thecal sac is flattened, and the reactive change from T8 to T9.


    1. A Thoracic Kyphosis is seen with no occult fracture or marrow replacement.

    2. The Thoracic cord is normal revealing no demyelinating plaque or intra spinal mass.

    3. At T7-T8 a 3.0 MM Disc Bulge Flattens the Thecal Sac.

    4. AT T8-T9 Endplate Reactive Change with an Annular Disc Bulge is seen.

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    None of us here are doctors, nor doctors specializing in reading MRIs. What jumps out at me is the line, " demyelinating plaque..." MS is a disease where such plaques would be evident if you were to have MS, so that may be a sign to rule it out for now.

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    "No occult fracture" means no breaks there, or cracks...occult being one of those weird medical terms. You've got a bulging disc between bones 7and8, and because of that compression, the space next in line(between 8and9), is also affected.

    BUT REMEMBER: I Am Not a Doctor. Your question should be directed to your doctor, who could answer this much more accurately than I ever could!!

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    I don't know how you were searching but I found a lot of sites explaining both thoracic kyphosis and thecal sac just by typing each of those phrases into Google search.

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    Hi lisaanne,

    It sounds as if there's no evidence of MS in your spinal cord, as Uppitycats said. The "normal only one lesion" brain MRI is a bit of a puzzle. If the report states that it's a normal MRI, then you probably don't have MS, or if you do, it's not showing up on the MRI just now.

    If more information about the one lesion is given, you might be able to figure out if it might be an MS lesion. But usually MS isn't considered unless there is more than one suspicious-looking lesion.

    Kyphosis is a curvature of the spine such as many people have, often without realizing it. Lordosis - the spine curves to the left or right of center. Kyphosis - the spine curves outward just below the neck, and may be noticeable as a "dowager's hump" or "hunchback."

    With no medical training, all I can say is that the disc bulges sound like degenerative disc disease or disc herniation, which most of us get as we age. Sometimes it gets severe and people need treatment for it.

    I hope you will feel free to discuss the MRI report with your doctor--and I hope you don't have anything serious.
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