So I am restarting Keppra - 250mg at bedtime. My doctor suggested an overnight EEG or sleep deprived EEG. I refused as I have had 2 overnight EEGs before, one inpatient for 2 nights, that showed nothing despite my having the seizures during the test and I have had numerous sleep deprived EEGs also with normal results, so why go through it again? The doctor agreed with my decision but said she had to offer it. So I guess this is going to be how it is. I was always hopeful to be off the meds but I guess no such luck. Thank you for the replies and advice. It helps to hear from others and not feel so alone. I think epilepsy is an isolating illness as most people still don't understand it and I guess because I don't have convulsions anymore even my family doesn't seem to understand the fear and anxiety that is always with me of having a convulsion again.