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Thread: Depakote + Alopeccia Universalis & my comments

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    Smile Depakote + Alopeccia Universalis & my comments

    Also see:

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    I posted the following, to the above article URL #1):

    My wife suffers from Alopeccia Universalis as a result of the anti-epilepsy drug regimen: Depakote.

    While she was distressed at the onset, she never felt any “shame”. Repeating, there was ZERO shame.

    Yes, today my wife has a number of wigs as the Alopeccia was not reversed after the Depakote regimen was replaced by another medication. That was twelve years ago.

    Very importantly, amongst family members: children, spouses, grandchildren, her siblings and their children, my wife is entirely comfortable in our home or their homes without a wig.

    With several wig colors and styles, I have an all-in-one choice now: brunette, auburn, chestnut, blonde, etc.

    Because of our family’s “strength” my wife never needed or sought any support group.

    Occasionally, someone will remark: “Did you just change your hair style?” The response: “Nope, just changed heads!”

    One day, we had dinner guests and during the dinner, my wife excused herself and went to the bedroom and switched wigs. I wasn’t paying attention to her hair style, but soon folks at the table had their mouths agape as her “new” hairstyle was unlike the one a few minutes before. My wife saw the expressions and then quietly asserted: “My wig felt uncomfortable, so I switched.” That was it.

    There never was weeping, gnashing of teeth, shame, sobbing or any other melodramatics. Nor, did my wife ever feel sorry for herself.

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    Hi Ted,

    I took Depakene which is the brand name of Depakote for quite a few yrs. and I can remember how my hair would start to fall out when I was trying to comb it. The drug worked
    really good for me controlling my sz. but then I had to go off the drug because it began to eat up my blood platlets and the drug made me loose 70 lbs. in 4 months. I found out that
    the drug can cause either weight loss or gain no matter what as a side effect so I went off the drug for safety. I'm glad to hear that your wife is a strong woman and didn't let this
    problem bother her. I wish you and your wife only the best of luck and May God Bless the Both of You!


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    Thanks for the note.

    Best to you always.


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