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Thread: Marijuana: How to Choose Weed to Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

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    Default Marijuana: How to Choose Weed to Avoid Unwanted Side Effects

    hey everyone !

    i think i have read a post here, maybe a few years ago, as to the different types of marijuana you can buy to avoid certain side effects.

    basically, there are 3 types of marijuana:
    -a hybrid of the above 2 types.

    most of the marijuana grown and used in the usa is a hybrid of sativa and indica. tests showed that the hybrids that contained more of the indica strain of marijuana gave you "couch lock" or put you more in a stupor than the hybrids with more of the sativa strain of marijuana, which gave you a euphoric, uplifting feeling. why?

    the answer was a chemical compound in marijuana called terpene, specifically one called "myrcene", which flipped a switch in the THC in indica heavy strains of marijuana, giving people who smoked marijuana that had a high level of myrcene a stupor "couch lock" feeling instead of the energetic euphoric feeling of sativa strains containing less myrcene.

    please read this article for specifics if you use medical marijuana:

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