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    Smile social security medical review

    Hello everyone im new to this site I have been on disability since 1996 in 2010 I received a disability update report I fill it out and I received a letter a month later telling me that they didn't have to contact my doctor at this time and my next review is 7+ yrs which would be 2017 im trying to understand the coding they use on a disability update report does anyone know on the front of the scanner on disability update report if it say L/0048 is that consider low and I don't know what profiling score of 0048 meaning does it mean not expected to improve I just hate these reviews it bad enough that people on SSDI are sick and not feeling will we have to stress about the medical reviews if anyone can help me with the the code thank you and im glad to be here as a new member

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    Hi sable081, and

    Since I don't know what the cause of your disability is, I can't point you towards any one forum here but you probably noticed that there are many to choose from.

    I believe that by now you'll have found a way of answering your question about the L/0048 code.

    I agree with you about those annoying Social Security disability reviews! They are trying to make sure that nobody is gaming their system and it seems to be the only way they can check.

    It sounds as if you're not going to be troubled very often by the review process.
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