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    Hi guys..not sure if this is in correct area but here goes. .
    I was diagnosed with a brain cyst last month after excruciating headaches and symptoms like personality changes, psychological disturbances (paranoia, anxiety..exacerbated depression. .anger. I went from an extremely compassionate, sensitive person to blunt, miserable and just totally opposite to my usual bubbly self..I'm starting to experience more dizziness and difficulty walking in a straight line. I'm developing bad memory loss.speech difficulty was another early symptom but it's not just slurring it's mixing words up back to front and using words that just don't fit in to my sentences. I'm having total memory black outs when I'm talking at times..anyway you get the idea. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon soon and I wanted to hear your personal symptoms. .an orthopedist surgeon found my cyst (I don't know if its even a colloidal one,) ..sorry guys I'm having trouble getting out what I need to..
    Anyway has anyone experienced bowel symptoms. .with any kind of cyst?
    I've had mixed reactions from Dr . the Dr who found it was like yeah nothing to it it's common don't worry. .my gp freaked out...a gp I saw in replace of my normal guy was like meh and you don't get headaches with cysts..what?! I'm on an urgent list at the neuro department at the hospital so I'm confused.
    I'm sorry if this is all wrong.

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    Hi bungholekitty. Sorry for your recent diagnosis, but atleast you are aware of it now and sure they will be able to fix it for you. Can you ring your docs to confirm which type of cyst you have? I had a colloid cyst recently removed, mine wasn't found until I was rushed to a&e as I had become non responsive due to acute hydrocephalus. The lights were on, but no-one was home!

    Now I have had the cyst removed, I now know I had symptoms but I just thought they were normal, as I had always had them. And I didn't have headaches until about a couple of days before I was taken to hospital. My short term memory was never that good, but I used to think that was due to being tired all the time. I was aware of a pounding in my head when I lay on my side in bed at night. I always had this so thought I was just hearing my heartbeat in my ear, as I had mentioned this to my GP years ago and he said it was normal to hear your heartbeat in your ear, just that mine was probably louder than it should have been! I used to lift my head slightly off the pillow by putting my hand under my head until I fell asleep.

    Another symptom I had was terrible bad breath, which has now dissapeared which is great. And blocked sinuses which I had mentioned to my GP before which was probably causing the bad breath. And I stopped using my right ear to talk on the mobile phone, so must have been some discomfort there. For the couple of weeks leading up to being hospitalised, I felt really stressed but thought this was due to work, and had even said to a colleague, feels like my head is going to explode! Thought I was having a nervous breakdown. I definitely changed as a person as my wife was really worried about me and had said to my Mum that she was worried about me and thought I was acting strange.

    And I started sleepwalking at night and turning lights on and off round the house.

    I don't remember much about the day I went to hospital, but somehow I managed to drive to work. Not long later I was slipping into a coma and then I woke up in hospital the next day after my first brain surgery which was very strange, as you can imagine. Apparently I had vomitted, and also lost control of my bladder, which is understandable really. And my pupils stopped responding to light which I believe is what worried the paramedics the most.

    Anyway, best of luck and hope you get it sorted asap.

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