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Thread: Disability being terminated.

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    Default Disability being terminated.

    After 11 years, Social Security has decided I no longer qualify for disability. I am an MS patient and they didn't even get my neurology records! What do I do now? I am confused.

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    Default federal vs state disability

    If you have a mental illness, you can try the state for funds and food stamps. If applying or under review time for federal social security-to answer your quest/query-you need to order the actual forms from social security like the first time you signed up for it. these forms are specialized medical release forms from the social security admin. take them with your life and fax to each and every doc med records you have seen. I like to order two-so get atty if you need it. how can you order copy for your file just in case the forms dont get from you, doc, then ssa review board? recent records are not a requirement-its a matter of keeping your health in check. if they sent me vback to work, what would I do? usually ssa offers nine months-similar to trial work-reappy. i would likely try to save that year I was off and then became a licensed pyschic. the issue of carpel tunnel and chronic fatigue are interesting in ssa. Esp carpel tunnel-it might go away, but in the mean time, you realize no work really can be done without a hand other than narrator books on tape. there is always a sidewalk. so ssa offers some time and then you can re-apply-not all hope is lost, but disability paperworks are tiresome, like the illness. these forms should be available in publications or call or go to the office-i need ten forms-one for each file or doctor. they are specialized and often have priority. one issue is reaching age 65-some say changed to 72 years of age retirement. its like as a disabled you get 17 dollars in food stamps a month if you need it and at age of retirement, you might get pension check each month as an add on to disability but you dont get the extra mandetory 1500 dollars over disability payment. why cant disableds get ths at 65? we are already dead. ssa does not tell you like Which records they got-its hard to follow up and med records might say they did not egt the form-so call annoying and send a new one-they stay on file too-maybe only six months for these. best wishes-bk
    daydreamer;38571]After 11 years, Social Security has decided I no longer qualify for disability. I am an MS patient and they didn't even get my neurology records! What do I do now? I am confused.

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    Definitely appeal the decision. My guess is that the SSA is just cutting people off to lower expenses. In my experience, they seem to work like insurance companies do, expecting that by doing so, there will be a number that don't appeal. This will lower the burden on what Social Security pays out. This happened to me before when the SSA had their doctor say I was no longer disabled without ever doing any examination, or performing any medical tests.

    If you don't know your case well, and how to handle it with the SSA, you might think about representation if you are denied after your 1st appeal.

    Good luck,

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    Call them and ask which forms they need. Ask your doctor to write you a short synopsis of your medical conditions. Do they (SS) know you have MS? They are doing this a lot if you're relatively young, they don't want to pay for the next 20 years. Be proactive and give them what they want. Its unfair and a hassle but it has to be done. Good luck.
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