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Thread: Is a nerve conduction test painful?

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    Thank you for all of your responses. I had the EMG test and nerve conduction test. A couple of the jolts were painful but quick so it was tolerable. My arm was more painful for the next two days. The report : The nerves in the arm were normal but there was "chronic denervation seen in C7 musculature." And "there is evidence of old or chronic left C7 radiculopathy". "No evidence of peripheral nerve entrapment." So basically spinal nerve #7 that comes out of the Cervical vertebrae between C6 and C7 (which I had fused in 1991) is not firing and transmitting nerve signals like it should affecting the way the muscles works in the arm and causing pain in that arm. I have been going to a pain clinic and have had two steroid injections, one in shoulder and one in lower neck. I think it helped some but not 80% to 100 %. I think somehow the fusion I had done in 1991 is putting pressure on either the C7 nerve or the spinal cord. What to do? Pain doc said he can give me another injection. I have been saying "no surgery" but since this report I am wondering if I need to pursue surgery. The MRI of the neck July 2014 did not show clearly what the problem was. There was a little "flattening " of the spinal cord on one side. What kind of a doctor should I go to? Would physical therapy specific to this problem be an option?

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