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Thread: Just lost my pain Doc because of Obamacare.

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    Angry Just lost my pain Doc because of Obamacare.

    It wasn't bad enough that I had to buy insurance I can't afford and can't use anywhere, now my pain doctor can't prescribe for me because I pay him cash. The powers that be consider that to be the same as me paying cash for drugs. Now I have to find someone to help me finish my titration down.

    I think I will go to the marijuana people after I no longer take dilaudid, I read that it was good for nerve pain and maybe I can grow that myself. I will miss Dr. A, he has helped me for about 12 years, the best pain management I ever had.
    If no pain, no gain is true, where is everything I should have gained?
    DDD, Fibro, CFS, pain for 20 years. ADR c 5/6 Feb. 2018 doing well.
    Back to pain management, fibromyalgia getting worse.

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    Sorry to hear about your situation but many are going through these issues while politicians on one side ignore the hardship we are dealing with. I hope you can find what you need and that MJ does the job with your pain.
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