Dear All,

I am new here and i would like to get some answers among fellow member on this forum.
Pardon if my English is not perfect since i am from Indonesia.

My son was born with arachnoid and porencephalic cysts that causing him hydrocephalus.
We did the 1st shunt when he was 4 months old and it was doing great until today. He is 7 years old now. During this time, he had 1 revision by the age of 2.

Last time we did the Ct Scan was in May 2014 and the scan shows everything is normal. Ventricles is stable in size and no more hydrocephalus at all.
The doctor told me that when he was baby, all the empty area was all water but now since the brain grow all these times, the water didn't have space anymore, therefore the hydrocephalus is no longer seen on the scan.

My question is that, since he was having hydrocephalus because of the cysts, is it possible that he is totally cured once the cysts are gone? Logically it is, but i am not a doctor so i am not really sure about this and i would like to get some answers here to all fellow member who might have the same experience or condition.

Thank you