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Thread: Always comes back

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    Default Always comes back

    i am hoping since there are not any new posts here that most all of the pain is gone for everyone. I always have a rude awakening myself. Time may pass without even a small blimp no pain then suddenly it is aw cra* pain is back big time. At least it has subsided for now and i am getting back to the blissful stage of not worrying about it hitting. If it would only stay that way.

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    hey Daily Joy!!!! Where you are, girl? I hope you are recouping well. When you feel like it write me some mail. I love you my dear, Julia
    Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
    'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

    for my brother Ben

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    I am using granddaughters' iPad and not use to it yet. But it wasn't as hard to get online as it is on our computer at that. I hope you are well now Julia and holding up ok. Geeze I just had a birthday and will have to admit I am getting on up there in years lol Better than alternative.

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