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Thread: Sticky for Welcome to this page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jo6 View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    thank you Sally, you are kind. lol I won't tell on you if you won't tell on me!!

    I'm sorry if I got off topic, but can't remember what topic we were on. Oh well, that happens when you get older than dirt!
    You didn't go off topic. The thread took a detour some time back.

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    We could put a subforum in for welcoming new members. I have been looking for a modification that would auto-post a welcome message after a new members first post, but haven't had much luck yet. I'll put in a request at a coding forum and see if I get any nibbles.
    Question: Why can't I post links or pictures?
    Question: Why can't I have a signature, avatar, or profile picture?
    Question: What's wrong with my account?

    Answer: You are in the "registered users" user group. This group is very limited in what it can do. This will annoy spammers to no end Just keep posting once you have been registered for 30 days and have made 11 posts your account will be "unlocked".

    It's really easy to put someone on ignore and it's strongly recommended that you do so with people who's posts you don't like.

    Step 1 - log in
    Step 2 - click on the "settings" link
    Step 3 - click on the "edit ignore list" link on the left side of the screen
    Step 4 - type (or paste if you copied and pasted it) the username of the person you want to ignore
    Step 5 - click the "ok" button on the right of the screen

    Easy peasy and will lower your blood pressure. One important note though, this won't hide quoted posts. It's an oversight on the developers part and it's not an easy thing to "fix." So if someone quotes someone you have ignored, you'll see the quote.

    Alternatively when you click on a person's name and view their profile page, underneath their avatar, there is a option that says, "Ignore this person". Click that link and then click the yes button.

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    Thanks Mike!!! I couldn't live without this forum, and you keep it running smoothly! To make it possible for everyone to communicate with others in the same boat is priceless!!!
    "The Purest Blue".

    Love and Rockets

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