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  1. ((((((Alex)))))) ~ I'm so very sorry to hear...

    ((((((Alex)))))) ~

    I'm so very sorry to hear about your illness. I have missed you and wondered how you and your partner are, looking for posts from you. You are in my prayers.

    There has been...
  2. Team BrainTalk!

    ((((((Mike)))))) ~

    Thank you for keeping us updated, but please don't feel pressured to change our FAQ. We've gone this long with it the way it is. I'm sure we can manage without an update for...
  3. ((((((Mike)))))) ~ Thank you very much for...

    ((((((Mike)))))) ~

    Thank you very much for your generosity and kindness to keep BT afloat.


    I'm still willing to assist.

    Love & Light,
  4. ((((((Mike)))))) ~ I'm joining Ann and Joan in...

    ((((((Mike)))))) ~

    I'm joining Ann and Joan in offering to assist. We may not be the bustling place we once were, but this is still home to us. Thanks for all you do for us ~

    Love & Light,
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