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  1. What dosages of Avastin are given?

    M.D. Anderson researchers, who had a small placebo-controlled, double-blind, phase II trial on this, thought giving Avastin in "low doses" before radiation or intermittently afterward to reduce VEGF...
  2. Avastin may very well be a viable option for radiation-induced necrorsis

    The mechanism for cerebral radiation necrosis appears to be a result of radiation damage to vascular endothelial cells, causing endothelial cell proliferation, telangiectatic vessels and fibrinoid...
  3. Treating Radiation-induced Necrosis of the Brain with Avastin

    When brain tumors are treated with radiation therapy, there is always a risk of radiation-induced necrosis of healthy brain tissue. Insidious and potentially fatal, radiation necrosis of the brain...
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