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  1. Thread: Dilantin

    by Mark Kirby

    I used to take quinine pills and they worked...

    I used to take quinine pills and they worked quite well for me.

    The FDA banned the use of quinine for anything but malaria because people were using it for restless leg or other similar issues. ...
  2. Belated Happy Birthday Peg :encouragement:...

    Belated Happy Birthday Peg :encouragement: *birthday

    I get IVIg every two weeks and always schedule it for Friday so I can lay around on Saturday and Sunday. I normally have flu like symptoms:...
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    Medical Journal Article about MMN

    I came across this article today. It's a 2010 article on MMN from the European Neurological Journal.

    It's technical in places but gives a good summary of the nature of MMN, the process used to...
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    I've talked to the nurses at the infusion center...

    I've talked to the nurses at the infusion center I go to about a port. They've been using my hands for IV sites for almost 12 years, so I'm not an easy stick.

    The issues with a port, as I...
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