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    Hey, Michael! :) Yes, these issues are related...

    Hey, Michael! :)

    Yes, these issues are related to hydro. Nonverbal Learning Disorder, which is very common with hydro, can have a lot to do with memory and retention difficulties. I'm 52 and...
  2. Anyone have a small AVM on top of the brain?

    Hey, everyone! :)

    My close friend, Walter, is 55 and has untreated congenital hydrocephalus. He will be having an ETV soon. A small AVM, about the size of a quarter, was found on his last CT. It's...
  3. Anyone else have more than one child with Chiari?

    So, my son was dx'ed with ACM I in December of '99...and his sister was dx'ed this past Sept. I'm ready to require everyone in the family to get MRIs of their brains. Can anyone relate? I have always...
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    (((Rose))) <3 <3 <3

    I just heard about Jon the other day and wanted to tell you I love you and am here for you!!

    Love and hugs,

    LIZARD :)
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    Bwaahaahaa!! :D No, not me. :)

    Bwaahaahaa!! :D No, not me. :)
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    Yes, I'm still alive, and so is Timex!! :)

    Hey, everyone! :)

    I haven't been here since I was dragged kicking and screaming onto FB, LOL, but I haven't forgotten the wonderful forum family we had here and hope some of you are still here and...
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