optimistic. Christmas has been bought for though not what I really wish I am satisfied I have done the best I could. My tree has been replaced by a very cute bright plastic santa bear thanks to the cats. It is a satisfying replacement and less work for me. I have food in the larder for Christmas dinner. I have transportation that I like. I have accepted that it is not pretty but it is once I get in it. Kind of like buying an ugly tree then when you decorate it is lovely. Not that I am the lovely decoration but because I don't see the outside when I am in it and inside it is lovely and not only will it seat 7 but with the seats down I can fit 20 feral cages inside and that is a trapper's dream. Now I need to recruit help.

Saw my head shrinker and he acted surprised when I mentioned to him about taking 14 different meds though every time I go he goes through my med list. He has no problem with titrating down off of the Trintellix, two weeks at 5 mg then 5 mg every other day for two weeks. I admire him for that. Many docs may have just gone with the 'you haven't been taking it that long just stop' crap they give. So after that is gone my only morning defense is 600mg neurontin and if I choose .5mg of Klonopin. Plus whatever residual effects I have from the night before of Latuda. Which is next. I want to titrate down off of that next. I have my most important sleep med of 1mg of Klonopin and 300mg of Neurontin. My new primary says we won't be able to start off of the heart meds until I stop smoking so that is still a goal for the new year. Been putting off PT because I hate it so much and also trying to give my back time to somewhat heal up. I have been trying really hard not to pick. Still have a couple of spots but they might be gone by the time Christmas is over when my intake is otherwise I have to skip the TENS and ice which is actually the best part.

Georgie has been adopted. I cried, I think they thought I was a crazy lady. Chunk walks around looking confused and meowing so I think he misses his play buddy. Thank goodness he has Odin to play with. That leaves Los Gatos's Louise and Sadie. I am fighting with myself about adopting Louise. I feel just terrible gaining her trust and love and then passing her on to someone else. Kind of like starting over for her. She will have been here for a year at the end of February. I feel like she won't understand why I gave her up. We already have three cats and two dogs. I have been taking Sadie to the adoption events at our Petsmart here right by me. We go on Saturdays which is a long day so I take her and get her set up then duck out. There is no way I could sit there for six hours. I feel bad, kinda like I am pawning her off on others, which basically I am, but she needs to be shown to be adopted. She is going crazy in the foster room. No way for a kitty to live. I go in and love on her a couple times a day. That is what she wants more than anything.

I hate talking politics but I must say I am quite pleased at the way things are going. Hopefully it will be seen through to the end. Though Pence is not exactly who I'd choose I would pick almost anyone at this point. Their time is almost up anyway.