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Brand new gene testing?

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    Brand new gene testing?

    my new psych who is also a medical doctor is sending me out for some brand spanking new genome? testing. Trying to find out what's up with my med sensitivity. Says its so new 60 minutes hasn't heard of it lol. Trying to get a handle on my anxiety which is so bad that my brain doesn't shut up long enough to complete the simplest of tasks without wondering what the hell I'm doing 5 seconds after I decide to do it. Mood swings still though since the mmj that has lessened quite a bit.

    i have three or four days where it's all good then the same where I feel crappy and get nothing done.

    Gene testing is a great I suppose! I hope you reap some benefits.
    “The revolutionary act of treating ourselves tenderly can begin to undo the aversive messages of a lifetime.”
    ~ Tara Brach, “Radical Acceptance”