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    I've had horrible trouble with headaches for almost 2 years now and in the last 6 months have developed generalized anxiety disorder. Could my battle with headaches have been the beginning of the GAD? Also, does anyone else know what works best to relieve these headaches? I have tried all OTC meds and nothing helps.

    welcome i ammsorry you have anxiety and headaches. i do not have an answer and would not be allowedto give it if i did. it is against the rules and unerstandably so becausd we are not medical professionals, i will just say i am a messed up [erson is the reason tho for myself. do you have a regular physician you can talk about this with, sorry for baad english. i hope you can see a doctor and get answets and results . let us know how you are doing. hope a doctor can help.


      I stared taking Nortriptyline (pamelor) for my Fibro and it has helped my migraines immensely. My anxiety contributed a lot to my migraines. I also have Imitrex for when the OTC med just isn't working. We take Advil Migraine but it has to be taken at the first sign or for us it just doesn't get it and we have to use the Imitrex.

      My anxiety causes my trapezius muscles to tighten, which is also one of my major fibro trigger points, and it goes right up the back of my neck causing some serious migraines. Do you unknowingly slightly hunch your shoulders? Kind of like a turtle trying to hide in its shell. Lovely anxiety. Pay attention and see. It may very well be time to see a neurologist.


        Guarantee that you will be exercising, eating on balanced diet, in addition to having lots of normal water. Poor diet plan in addition to loss of focus sincerely produce far more anxiety, and this also may possibly effortlessly become triggering ones anxiety in addition to severe headaches.

        Discover anxiety reduction methods for before ones anxiety is out of control. Tension headaches can be stopped if they're stopped when the headaches are mild. As soon as you start feeling stressed, start deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation to gain more control over the amount of stress you experience.

        Often make an effort to obtain sufficient sleeping. Sleep is certainly one of life's key coping tatics in addition to an absence of sleeping leads to additional strain, and additional attention tension (both that produce far more strain severe headaches).


          thanks Mariasemuel and welcome. Yes I get 'the talk' about meditation every time I go to my psych and my pain doc. I use to take time out to do it regularly while I was getting clean and sober and still have the tapes. Course these days there's an app for that and I do have a couple.

          What I would love is a Fibro massage. There is a place not far from me that does it.

          Things are settling into a routine now that CJ is back to work so there are a few things during the day I would like to do for myself, therapist says I need to get to work.

          A lot of my anxiety is situational but being Bipolar II doesn't help. I get plenty of sleep. But my diet is shot. I realize it, I eat a lot of fruit and veggies but we eat a lot of junk. I have lost a bit of weight trying to stay more active and eating out less. Less pop which is a huge factor.


            Check out the links

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              Hi, i too have anxiety but in my case it is caused by having a lot of mercury in my body and especially in my brain. This causes a lot of headaches and also a lot anxiety. I am currently using the Andrew Cutler protocol and i am 6 months underway and i must say lots of results. Anxiety is 60% down and headaches are getting less.

              In the past before i knew what the cause was of the headache, i used a nutritional supplement extreme high dosage of 3000mcg (130000% RDA), this always got rid of my headaches for at least a day. Here a lin. The best way is to put the tablet under the tongue for optimal absorption. And medicaton also works, but the problem with meditation is that you cannot meditate at all moments, but it is quite effective for headaches but also for depression.

              I hope you find a way!
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