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    Been thinking of so many of you all that I know live up there along the East Coast, USA.

    It's Spring here in a couple of days. (1st of September in Australia). It's so lovely to have the warmer weather but I have some trepidation about what is to come (again!). Seems as if we've not recovered from our own horrid tragedies of last Summer and it's on it's way again. The cycle of life.

    I'm hoping that everyone and their relatives and friends are safe and well.


    It's ickky here about mid to late October to mid to late May, in northerh Ohio. Each winter I wish I lived in south USA or in Australia
    Lorraine (lor)


      I live on the east coast. The hurricane hit where I live and luckily we survived and had almost no damage to the house. All my family and friends are perfectly safe too.
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        Good you are safe funnylegs4.

        Lor, you might actually not want to move here between October and May. It is warm, sure. Hot in most parts. Very hot in others. Most of it is glorious but there's always the weather. !!! That's our Summer which is storm, cyclone/hurricane, flood, fire/drought, you-name-it season. lol Depends from year to year. If you wanted to enjoy a mild winter here, then come to Northern Australia between May and September. :) If you want to enjoy a really hot summer, then come from December to March.

        It's the first day of Spring here in Australia today. Spring has sprung. We've been warned however that La Nina has not left so we're in for more flooding rains here as well after all the tragedy. Hard to imagine really but we'll see what happens.

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