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Roll call for Psp group from 1998 to 2005

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  • Roll call for Psp group from 1998 to 2005

    This is SANJAY shah

    I managed to rejoin this site after nearly 15 years of mum passing away from Psp.

    Would like to rejoin all Psp carers and loved ones with Psp to share our experiences of Psp.

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    Hi Sanjay ! I don't come here often mainly because no one else is here. How ironic that I was just now thinking of everyone and thought I'd pop in. How are you ? I hope that you and your family are well. I cannot believe the years that have passed x I think of you all so often. My email I chat regularly to Beth (Elizabeth Early) Sally (Edwards) & Marg (Hart) Take care x


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      This is Sanjay Shah. I was part of this group from the year 1998 to 2005 when Jandel was an active participant.

      I was Psp carer for my mum in Mumbai India and we learnt a lot on how to manage PSP through exchange of info.

      If anyone wants to reconnect or needs help with PSP caring, please put in your questions here

      Love to reconnect with my PSP family again

      We used to do weekly Roll call to ensure all members were ok in the PSP group


      Sabha Shah