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    ((((((Ralph)))))) ~

    What Marty is being put through is just appalling. I realize that you live in a rural area, but having 3 appointments in a row for 3 days, and driving 60 miles for a physician conference is unbelievably difficult for any cancer patient. I imagine that these three hospitals have different levels of available care? What is the reason that Marty can't go to the closest hospital for all of his care?

    Is it possible for you to contact Marty's sisters and brother via email? Or by phone? If so, I recommend that one of his siblings calls the hospital and asks to speak to the Ombudsman or a Patient Representative. That sibling can explain what Marty has to go through to get to/from the hospital(s), and that he relies on his neighbor friends to transport him. Perhaps something can be done to correct this problem for Marty.

    If Marty received Hospice care, I would expect that a Hospice nurse would visit him in his home and would swab him for COVID. A Hospice nurse might also be able to set up virtual conferences with Marty's doctor, during the nurse's home visit. The nurse could have a laptop or iPad, and connect with the doctor on that device, then allow the doctor and Marty to converse. Marty wouldn't have to do anything but talk to the doctor in this situation, and the nurse could give report to Marty's doctor about his condition at the same time.

    Both cancer and COVID are excellent reasons for Marty to have home care. Even vaccinated, he may be susceptible to getting COVID. Otherwise, he wouldn't have to be swabbed all of the time. He is safer and more comfortable in his home.

    I think Marty needs someone to advocate for him, and that would be the role of his siblings.

    Marty would do much better taking Orgain supplements than Ensure. Ensure is chemicals. Orgain is plant based, created by a physician, who was also a cancer patient. Jim did very well with Orgain supplements, and he liked the taste, until he lost his taste buds, and nothing tasted good to him.

    Your local markets and drug stores may not carry Orgain, but it's possible and might be worth a call to a few of them. If they don't carry Orgain, you can ask them to do so. Otherwise, it is available to be ordered on line. I hope this link works:

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    From your descriptions, it sounds like Marty is weak and fragile. He isn't getting enough nutrition to generate energy. I worry about him falling. The time may be approaching when he will need 24 hour care.

    As you know with Ann, things can change quickly.

    I am sure this is difficult for you as Marty's dear friend. You and Marty are in my prayers.

    Love & Light,


    *Virtual Hugs Are Germ-Free!


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      Reply from Tom Cat:

      What we hope to get with Marty is a meeting with his sister here, the doctors in charge, his other friend, and I. We need a plan for what to do. His medical personnel do not understand that his friend Phyllis and I have many limitations with our own health. Me with multiple blood disorders and osteoarthritis, and Phyllis with pins in her shoulder & hips from recent broken bones.. I possibly could pick him up if he fell, but not Phyllis.

      He's thanking us all the time for our help, but he needs to know he has to make decisions, now, while he can. This is hard for him and me, knowing how much we took care of everything ourselves. Letting go is not easy, even when we know it has to happen
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        I think that is a good plan that they have laid out for Marty. For the sake of all concerned I hope Marty's sister can be there and appointments set up very quickly. I know Marty is so fortunate to have Ralph and Phyllis to help him like this, but as Ralph said they have limitations of their own and of course Marty is aware of this. I can only imagine how he must feel about them having to help as much as they do. It is a sad situation.