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Type A, ICE, & Fibro Research

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    Type A, ICE, & Fibro Research

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    Take a look at this article about A1AT genetic mutation & what diseases are more prevalent if you have it. Then read the feisty debates going on in the commentary section!

    Sorry, too much pain at the moment to do a longer interpretation. Happy reading!
    My Life Menu: CFS probably since birth, full flavored since the 80s, with Fibromyalgia, Major Depression with a side order of Anxiety and Agoraphobia sauce, Restless Leg Syndrome with spicy Other Sleep Disorders, 11 Eye Surgeries, a generous helping of Gut Problems

    I might Use to have the ICE thingy, but fibro and the following problems after took care of that for me. . no more drive etc. certainly not any type A kind. not driven or energised to do (accomplish, creativity etc.) anymore. Sorry did not read any of the comments, just the short article.
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