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Where are all the aching ?

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    Where are all the aching ?

    I was shocked when I came by several days and saw nobody had posted in Fibromyalgia Forum. I know it is not a rare disease, just a most painful disease if you can call it a disease.

    I have it and the older I get the worse it gets. It's sort of strange, I can tell sometimes which disease is making my back and/or shoulder hurt so bad! When they all are hurting at the same time I scream((inside my head)) bloody murder!!

    I feel for anyone that has it and I don't know a thing that will help it. They say put ice on what hurts the most, but heat is so soothing if anything is going to help. My PM Dr. says heat will make everything swell. My daughter is a PT and she says the same thing. Sometimes I just have to have something that will help just a little while.

    How about it? Does anybody else have any clues to what is best to treat this awful ailment? Hope to find someone when I come back.

    ((((gentle hugs to all )))))) Jo aka Julia s
    Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
    'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

    for my brother Ben

    I am right here with you dear Julia. I can still remember back in the 70's when I first hear that word. So strange sounding, it sounded like my doctor was saying fiberMARYalga! Made me envision tenicales strangling off my body parts causing pains everywhere. Didn't like it then and hate it even more now.

    Seems as if there is always something somewhere hurting. And so many different kinds of things going wrong. After about 40 everything picked up pasce and snowballed on me it seemed. The crainial nerves with the eight and ear pains, had them all my life, and then the fifth nerves with the pains shooting up head, ear down throat, and sometimes my throat, chocking, strangling me. I thought it would get all of the crainial nerves but no it jumped to peripheral nerves, killing my feet and legs and now hands. Upper arms aren't much. Who knows wjere it hurts next. I absolutely hate that it isd always somethign new somewhere.

    Misery loves company and I sure wish we were able to keep each other fccompany dear Julia.


      Hi ~ I too was surprised that no one had posted to this site. It was always so BUSY before!

      I recently was told that I "probably" have Fibro, and I'm not surprised. LOL It sure wipes you out! Of course it could be my age too. LOL

      I've been told by my doc that heat DOES cause swelling, but have to admit that it feels good at the time. The trouble is, I ALWAYS end up paying for using heat later. I end up in more pain for a longer period. So, I continue to use ice -- BRRRRRRR. This isn't the time of year when ice feels that good. LOL

      Hope all are doing reasonably well. Take care & God bless. Hugs, Lee
      Recovering alcoholic, sober since 7-29-93;
      severe DDD; sciatica; osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, 2 spinal surgeries, SCS implant & removal, morphine pump trial-didn't work, umpteen injections/epidurals/trigger points,rhizotomy, Racz procedure, etc., therapy, 4 more herniations, now inoperable; lumpectomy, radiation therapy~breast cancer survivor,fibromyalgia;depression; heart attack. On disability.


        Yeah I'm here. Same ole, same ole. Some days better than others. My girlfriend who was diagnosed with Fibro this last spring by her primary care doctor was undiagnosed by the doc that saw her one time for her preinjection visit and he told her she didn't have Fibro and to stop taking her meds. He is doing a series of 3 back injections. She did stop the meds despite my telling her she should wait and continue her meds until she sees her primary.

        Where do docs get the right to diagnose with a 5 minute visit or undiagnose something a doc who knows the patient better would treat. Yes I know that sometimes a fresh eye is better but her primary had seen her for a while before coming to her decision.


          well it's funny but yesterday I was thinking how weird that I didn't hurt anywhere. I was grateful but puzzled. then this morning back to pain in places I never knew could hurt. all a puzzle to me!

          I spend hours a day on my heating pad. I go with what makes me feel better. I also sleep on a heated mattress pad. I've learned cold weather makes me worse so if any type of heat helps I go for it. and I could give a hoot less what any doc's have to say.


            Pati, did you figure out what you had done or not done to help you be pain free yesterday? When you do, spread the word. I'm glad you did have a pain free day!

            I know you've had way too many bad days lately. You were due a few good days. Well, one is good too.

            I am glad to see others post. Hoping y'all will have some tricks as to how to live with Fibro without going nuts!!

            I've been sitting at the computer a long time today and one day last week. Both days I have had so much pain in my left foot I have to hobble when I walk. That is the only thing I can think that I have done different. Also new pains in my hip/leg joint! That one doesn't stop when I lay down.

            Pati, I confess, I use heat more than I do ice because the older I get the harder it is to stay warm. Beth told me to alternate with the ice/heat. I'm afraid she read her Ma's mind when she kept nagging about ice. I can't remember where I read this, but yesterday I was reading a post here at BT. Someone's friend was going to have a group of 3 injections in her back or spine.

            I think that was what I had and I got the first one and told the PM DR. that would be my last one. He didn't do them, some other Dr. that did surgery did it. I have have no relief in my hip since. Now that I hit 69 the pain level has increased.

            Why can't someone find at least a med. to treat this horrible pain Fibro cases??!!

            It is good to see you posting Lee. It's been awhile. Actually it was good to see all of you posting. Hope one of you will come up with a cure*

            love to you all, (((((()gentel hugs)))))) Jo
            Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
            'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

            for my brother Ben


              Christina, I don't normaly speak out against differant procedures, but My PM DR. had me to go to another Dr for the 3 sets of injections, lower spine. It was supposed to be a breeze. It wasn't.

              I had to sit up and bend over the side of the table, almost to the point of falling off. Then the DR. came in and pushed me closer to the wall and said bend some more.

              Dang, I have never had any kind of injection hurt so back the needles were huge. that was bad, but after they got all the needles situated they started injecting the steriods and something else. I thought I was going to die.

              After it was over they tried to help me to sit up and my legs didn't want to go with the rest of my body. They laid me back down, put a turned the blood pressure cuff back on and it was high as the sky. they gave me something else to relax me, but that didn't help. Anyway I was there 2 or 3 hours when I was supposed to be out and at home.

              When we left I told Ken right then I would pass on the next 2. My PM Dr. wasn't too pleased, but the pain they were supposed to fix made it all much worse. I never got back to where I was to start with.

              Long story, but if they come at you with I'm going to give you 3 injections I would think it over very carefully. It may just be the thing to help you. Just find out all involved. Take care sweetie, Julia
              Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
              'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

              for my brother Ben


                well the doc that wanted me to have injections in my spine never saw me again! if you have diabete's you do NOT use steroids! figured if he was so dumb he didn't realize that fact there was no way he was gonna come at me with a big needle. plus he said I probably had Parkinson's which was never diagnosed.(I had severe myoclonus at the time).

                now Jo I know I have suggested using Capsaicin often to various people but now I'm suggesting it for you. I smear it on my hips alot these days. I actually think my hip pain is arthritis & consider my muscle pain in odd places (for no apparent reason) to be fibro. it comes & goes. no idea why I had that pain free day either!

                makes me sick to see the ads for Lyrica for fibro pain. did they invent the word so they could prescribe more pills? "it's thought to be from nerves"????????

                now if I could get up/down the stairs I'd soak in Epsom salts myself. an entire bed/bath suite goes to waste cause I know stairs are the worse thing for me to use.

                I know Tootsie got some relief from her swimming. has anyone considered that? makes perfect sense to me but unfortunately not an option here.

                gentle hugs to all who suffer


                  thanks Pati, I'll try the Capsaisin. Is it over the counter ? I'm to the point of trying most anything , especially if it doesn't involve needles.

                  I had some aquatic therapy and it is the ONLY thing that PT ever helped. I can't swim, but there are excersize's to do by holding on to the side of a pool. I think I'm going to ask the Dr. to give me a script for the therapy. No matter if he does or doesn't I can join the Y which is not far from here. They do arobic's for the elderly and it sure sounded like fun. I saw them while I was doing the TP.

                  Yes, stairs are not a good thing to have to climb up and down. I use the ramp instead of about 5 steps because the steps hurt my back like heck. I hope you get some relief soon. I too usually use heat. I just don't mention it to the doc!!

                  Pati, thanks for the tip on the rub. I'll get some and try it.

                  love you bunches, Jo ((((Pati)))) s all around!
                  Did you ever know that you're my hero and every thing I would like to be I can fly higher than an eagle
                  'cause you are the wind beneath my wings

                  for my brother Ben


                    I'm here with you all. Yesterday and the day before it was rainy and the barometric pressure was up a bit and on the move up. I was in totally agony, everything hurt. I had to spend most of my time laying down with 2 or 3 heating pads on at the same time on different areas of my poor body. Today is sunny and the barometric pressure has dropped down to 29.00 which is very comfortable for us with chronic pains everywhere.

                    I think as we get older our old injuries are acting up. Even if they are healed there are still remnants of damage done and some didn't heal correctly. I don't know if these old injuries collect calcium which interferes with function, I suspect it might.

                    I have Kyphosis, which is a terrible curvature of the spine, that causes me so much pain daily I am almost crying most days. Only thing that helps is a hot soak, laying down with a heating pad and Muscle Rub creams. I tore the Bejesus out of my right knee years ago and that acts up too. Plus I get migranes a few times a month too. So my life is pretty much taken up with being crippled with some kind of pain most of the time.

                    Last edited by Barque; 11-13-2011, 10:50 AM.


                      yes Jo it is over the counter. I use the stick but housemate uses the cream. CAUTION this stuff can burn! and never get it on your hands. it's about $15. I began by using castor oil,very cheap! but of course it's greasy.go for the pool!

                      Barque,I know for a fact some of my old injuries are back to haunt me now. why it makes me sick to see little kids playing sports.


                        It's not just sports either. I can remember pushing myself to do things physically, work, that I KNEW were beyond what my body could handle, but went a head and did it anyway to "Please" someone. Usually the effort was not recognized and I kicked myself later as I suffered in silence with many, many injuries. Especially to my lower back and my neck. I'm paying now though. I will til I die, I'm sure. STUPID! STUPID!! STUPID!!! *mad


                          I have been an ice person for my fibro. Inflammation caused by fibro can be one of the main things that cause the pain and using heat opens up the blood vessels to that area and increases swelling. It may feel good but it just doesn't work for me. I found this also....

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                          and though the thinking makes sense some people just feel better to heat. More treating the pain in desperation than stopping the cause. Most times that is where I am at. The ice lasts longer for me than the heat for arthritis and fibro. For cramping such as menstrual I use a heat pad. Some days I use all three ice bags at the same time.

                          My barometer is acting up here, super gusty winds with a bit of off warmth to them, and I am in full flare with migraines. Yech. I have my group tomorrow and I think I will have to wear my Tens unit on my trapezius which is screaming at me today. Been acting up and steadily getting worse since I tried that new psych med. Double yech!

                          Barque from my understanding there is a pretty good chance that if you have had an injury to a joint, ligament, tendon then you will have issues with these your entire life. My ortho explained to me that ligament and tendon tears often do not heal back together on their own and many stretched ligaments stay stretched, this hurts just typing, so the whole purpose of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles surrounding the injury to support it from further damage. Most joint injuries turn arthritic. Oh yes I have had many damaged ligaments, tendons, sprains, strains from my past and they all have decided to make an appearance later in my life. Every one plus lol. Any type of favoring a limb or appendage throws the rest of the body out of whack so I am definitely out of whack lol.

                          The only way any doctor has given me spine injections is using fluoroscopy, my current PM doc is very generous with the pain numby at just an intake of my breath and they help amazingly. He is the best doctor I have ever had do them. My first time was some jerk needle jockey that couldn't have cared less about how I was feeling as he chatted it up with the nurses. The second was a woman and her injections were done in her fluoroscopy room in her office and while they were virtually pain free she just wasn't using the right med combination and location to get deep into my serious pain. Going through ligament to get to the right spot is a real gasper lol. Am thinking of letting him try trigger point injections in my trapezius. Just can't get up the nerve lol.

                          Pati I tried Lyrica and it didn't do jack for me except make me sick. I do take Pamelor for my fibro which is what keeps my migraines away and eases my hand and back pain. Some days it doesn't work too good but it does work more often than not. My doc explained to me about tricyclic drugs and pain signals but it's late and I feel not like going into it. It will have to be a googler. I use my prescription lidocaine on just about everywhere lol.

                          Do I have pain free days, can't remember last, pain free moments, depends on one's perception of how long a moment is lol, maybe seconds where I am not conscious of the pain is more like it lol.

                          and once again I have gone on too long.


                            I've tried icing... FORGET IT!! It just makes it hurt more and worse. Where's the reasoning in icing a spasm? Maybe a NEW injury but not an old one that is spasming. Hot showers and soaks and heating pads is how I roll. :o


                              for me just cold weather makes me hurt. I did use ice packs on that last wasp sting,and I soaked a paper towel with cider vinegar & used it to "itch" my thigh. I've become phobic about wasps.

                              I've wondered how many people are diagnosed with fibro that live in warm sunny environments?